Famous Ice-Cream | Restaurant Review

Place: Famous Ice-cream 
Location: Mozamjahi Market 
Cuisine: Dessert

There is really nothing much to review about ice-creams, but I can sure suggest some places, right?? So here I was at the oldest ice-cream parlor in town, famous for its hand-made ice-creams. Famous isn’t a place with great ambiance. Located in an old building at the bustling Mozamjahi Market circle, you have tables laid out in the open facing the traffic, vying along with the tables of couple of other ice-cream vendors in the same compound.

Me and my friend sat at one such table. Looking at the size of the ice-cream’s served on other tables, we decided to split one. We ordered the Famous Special Ice-cream.

In about 5 minutes, a large portion of three-flavored ice-cream topped with nuts, flavors being Butterscotch, Vanilla and Pista, was served. The ice-cream was very smooth and yum. The tutty-fruities and nuts added nice taste, except for the raisins, which were as hard as beetle-nuts!

Overall, we were very happy with what we ordered. You also get seasonal fruit handmade ice-creams at this place, which are also very good, and very reasonably priced. It’s nice to try places apart from the swanky Ohri’s and Creamstone’s once in a while. The traffic and pollution around you makes you go nostalgic for a moment. This is once place you should try in Hyderabad for sure.

Desserts: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Price: Rs. 50/-

Verdict: 8.5/10

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