Travelogue | Day 1: Hyderabad – Delhi

August 23, 2012 

I took the A.P Express (#12723) from Hyderabad to Delhi which started from Secunderabad station at 6:50 AM. I had an upper berth in the AC Three Tier compartment, and the train was pretty neat. It was being cleaned at every big station on the way, so it stayed clean until we reached Delhi. 

The day was pretty much boring as there was nothing much to do. I read a book and slept for most of the day. The train has a pantry car, so food was available in plenty. I had  meals for lunch and dinner, and a paneer cutlet as evening snack – all of them tasted pretty good. I was very impressed by the train’s cleanliness and quality of food served.

Day 2: Delhi – Amritsar

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