Hotel Abhilasha | Restaurant Review

Place: Hotel Abhilasha 
Location: Next to Sandhya Theater, RTC X Roads 
Cuisine: Indian 
Meal: Dinner (with couple of friends) 

Okay, first off, let me state that though this restaurant is owned by one of my friend, I shall try to review it from an outsiders perspective.

Located right opposite Bawarchi, the restaurant which serves one of the best Biryani’s in town, Abhilasha is a family restaurant also famous for its Chicken Biryani. They have better ambiance than Bawarchi, and caters mostly to family crowd. They have three sections on two floors, and a couple of party halls. We sat at a corner table on the first floor.

My friend ordered a couple of starters off the menu for us – Crispy Corn Kababs, Dragon Rolls and Vegetable Sticks. We finished with a Special Vegetable Fried Rice.

The Corn Kababs were served first. They tasted like Masala Vada’s with some corn. I thought they were a little undercooked and needed some more frying. But otherwise, a decent starter.

Next came the Dragon Rolls. They were Spring Rolls tossed in a wok with some additional spices. They were crispy and tasted yum, but were dripping oil. If it wasn’t for so much oil, this dish would have been awesome.

Their Veg Sticks are one of my favorites. Crispy and crunchy, they are perfect starters. Few off them had too much chat masala on them, but otherwise, they were great.

The Special Fried Rice was served along with Vegetable Manchuria. The Fried Rice was very good, but the Manchuria was disappointing. The gravy was very thin while the Manchurain balls very very hard.

Overall, a decent meal. I was unable to do true justice for I didn’t have their special Chicken Biryani. Ambiance wise, this is the best place in the surrounding area (maybe apart from Crystal’s Vegetarian section). The service is decent, and so are the prices. Give it a shot when possible, and do let me know your feedback.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: NA
Ambiance: 8/10

Verdict: NA (it wouldn’t be right for me to rate my friend’s restaurant, would it?? 🙂 )

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