Mozzarella | Restaurant Review

Place: Mozzarella Global Cuisine 
Location: Opp. Audi showroom, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills 
Cuisine: Buffet 
Meal: Lunch 

I’ve wanted to try this place for really long time and here I was on a Monday afternoon to try their buffet. The place was quite and had pretty good ambiance. I was courteously seated at a table for two. I expected the place to be crowded, but  it was empty but for a large family at one table.

Over the next few minutes, Tomato Dhaniya Shorba was served, and I was asked to choose my starters. Unlike other places, they did not have the starters at the buffet, but were making them to order. For veggies, they had Barbeque Vegetables and Veg. Kababs (Veg. Tikli as they mentioned it).

The soup was very very spicy and had a strong Dhaniya flavor to it. I din’t want to burn my mouth so early, do skipped it.


The starters were pretty good. The Barbeque Vegetables were crispy and crunchy, and the Kababs were one of the best I’ve had recently. They were really well-baked, and were yummy. Had almost 10 of them!

On the buffet, they had two Italian dishes: Veg. Pasta and Stroganoff. The pasta was alright, too tomatoey, while the Stroganhoff was very creamy and yum!! Only problem though was the quantity of food in the chafing dishes; both the items were so less in quantity that I literally had to scrape them off. The Stroganhoff especially had a thick crust formed over it.


On the North-Indian front, they had Paneer Tikka Masala, Subj Panchratan and Dal Tadka. The Paneer was kinda hard, and the gravy had a sour taste to it. While I normally don’t prefer dal’s outside, I found that their Dal was really good. The Panchratan was creamy and tasty. Butter Naan served at the table was alright.


For Chinese, they had Hakka Noodles, Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce and Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice. The Noodles were good and The sauce was alright. The Fried rice was really hard and horrible, again, the quantity in the dish was all you see in the pic.

The best part of the buffet for me were the deserts. They had Gajar Ka Halwa, Kiwi Souffle, Chocolate Mud pie and Vanilla Ice-cream with Fried Honey Wantons. The Halwa was perfect, not so sweet, yum. The Souffle had a nice flavor to it and was very good. Wantons with Ice-cream tasted awesome. The best of the lot though was the Mud pie. It was chocolaty and heavenly. Bliss!!

Overall, apart from the yummy deserts, the rest of the food was average. Apart from the Veg dishes mentioned, there was Mutton Biryani and  two Chicken dishes. They seemed to taste good, for the few people around me were hogging on them alone. Maybe that is why, the quantity of almost all Veg dishes was minimal. The fact that I had to scrape food off the chafing dishes was a big turn off. For the price, I thought they could do much better.

Give it a try if you are bored with other places.

Food: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Meal for 1: Rs. 320/-

Verdict: 7.5/10

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