Xtreme Sports Bar | Restaurant Review

Place: Xtreme Sports Bar 
Location: KBR Park Road, Rd. No. 2, Banjara Hills 
Cuisine: Lounge 
Meal: Dinner

I always wanted to go sit at this place and watch cricket matches, but never had the right company to do so. When I got an invite for a classic rock gig from a friend on couchsurfing, I had a  reason to pull my ass out on a Sunday evening. There was also a ManU football match to enjoy.

So here I was, alone. I sat at a cozy bean bag table on the first floor, watching the Fulham vs Wolves game while enjoying the band play. I ordered a Virgin Caprioska and Crispy Chilli Potatoes to munch.

In about 10 minutes, my Caprioska (virgin) was served. I’ve never had one before, and thought this one was great. It had a nice lemon flavor to it, not too strong, just perfect for my taste. The sweetness also was perfect. I randomly chose my drink, and was very happy with it.

The Chilli Potatoes were served pretty soon. Julienne potatoes fried in honey chilli sauce, yum!! The potatoes were very crispy and I loved the taste. I was also very impressed by the quantity served and struggled to finish them all. Only problem was that they were too oily.

Since I was pretty full, I skipped the main course, and had another Caprioska while watching ManU beat Tottenham 3-1. The second one was much stronger than the first one, a little too strong for my taste. Towards the end of the game, I ordered a European Chocolate Sundae. It was creamy, with chunks of chocolate in it; not the best, but not bad either.

Overall, my experience was not as bad as I though it would be. I made some friends with whom I enjoyed the game. People scared me saying this place is really expensive, but it wasn’t that bad. The service was great, ambiance in my opinion was perfect, and the live music gig was good. It did seem a bit cramped for space though.

I had a pretty good time, and definitely will be going back to this place. I only wish I had company to go with!!

Food: 8/10
Drinks: 8/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Meal for 1: Rs. 496/-

Verdict: 8/10

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