Cream & Fudge | Restaurant Review

Place: Cream & Fudge 
Location: Next to Porshe showroom, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills 
Cuisine: Dessert

This guy has been advertising all over the place. The pictures in the ads look so bloody tempting that I’ve been dying to be here. Thanks to my friends (again), here I was on a night when I was sick :D.

The place has really swanky ambiance, and I was impressed. Again, all the pictures in the menu looked very very yummy, and it was a tough decision to choose what we wanted. After almost 10 minutes, we decided to have a single scoop each of Black Forest (cherry-pie filling, brownie, chocolate fudge), Espresso Cookie Mix (Oreo cookie, roasted almonds, caramel fudge), Apple Crumble Pie (breadcrumb, apple-pie filling, cinnamon powder, caramel fudge), and Golden Mango (Mango chunks and sauce).

Cream & Fudge

The Black Forest looked very different from the picture (as expected), but was great. It had a nice flavor to it. I wish they mixed in heated brownie instead of a cold one though.

The Espresso Cookie Mix was alright, had a nice coffee flavor.

The Apple Crumble Pie was our least favorite. It was decent, apple pie was tasty, but there was too much cinnamon for our liking.

The best of the lot though was the Golden Mango. It was a no fuss ice-cream, plain mango with chunks of fresh-cut pieces. The bowl was empty even before we began with the rest. Yumm!!

Overall, a nice experience. The ice-creams were good, not very sweet, and the place had good ambiance. It’s way better than Creamstone, which I think serves the worst ice-cream in town. The pricing is not too bad either, considering the location and competition. The service was a little disappointing though, for the guy at the counter was a loser.

Give it a shot when you have sweet cravings.

Desserts: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Price: Rs 440 /-

Verdict: 8.5/10

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