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I knew this was the toughest review I was ever going to write even before watching the movie, but boy, was it an experience. Jean Dujardin, man, take a bow, for you were out of this world!! (He now joins the list of my all time favorite actors :))

The moment you know that it’s a black and white silent movie, you have this notion in your head, a notion you cannot describe. But having enjoyed the all time Indian silent classic Pushpak years ago, I kinda was motivated to watch this film (even before it won the Oscars). I am glad I did.

The Artist is a movie which you can connect with. It’s very predictable at times, but brilliant, moving yet humorous performances by Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo and every other cast member, not to forget the dog, Uggy, make you fall in love with the movie. Every character is so well written that you can emotionally connect with them. The cinematography, though in black and white, is absolutely mind-blowing, and the direction perfect. The background musical score adds so much life to the film. The screenplay was good, though, pardon my ignorance if that’s how it’s supposed to be in b&w classics, was kinda slow at times.

Overall, a fabulous film, one of the best I’ve seen so far. If you wanna have a delightful experience, go watch The Artist, with pleasure!

Verdict: 9/10

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