Viva Italia | Restaurant Review

Place: Viva Italia 
Location: Ground floor, White House, Next to Lifestyle Building, Begumpet 
Cuisine: Italian 
Meal: Dinner

I’ve read good things about this place on Zomato, and was looking forward to try it out. And when I finally did, loved it so much that I returned in a span of a week. The first time around, I dropped in with a friend. It’s a small little stall located towards the exit of the White House building, with a couple of tables laid out.

The menu was quite huge and everything was very reasonably priced. It’s more of a self-service kinda place, so we ordered a Garden Fresh pizza and a Veg Alfredo pasta with Spaghetti, sat at one of the table and watched our pizza being rolled out from scratch. In about ten minutes, the pizza was served in a take-away box. It was a probably an 9″ thin crust pizza, and looked tempting. And trust me when I say this, it was heavenly!! It was very well-baked, the veggies really crunchy, and the cheese was just awesome. My only problem was it being served in the box, which made the crust soggy (because of the steam). Otherwise, the best pizza I’ve had in Hyderabad. The best compliment probably would be when my friend from Lithuania, Europe, said it tasted like pizza at home.

Next came the pasta in a small plastic container. It was cheesy, cheesy and more cheesy, just like I wanted it to be. On the down side, I though the spaghetti was a little under cooked, and  that there was too much Basil, which gave it a very strong flavor. Even then, it was yum!!

We ended our meal with an ice cream from Sweet Chill, their other venture. We had Mango and Chocochip, both of which were amazing.

I was so in love, here I was again four days later, this time alone. And ordered the same pizza, minus capsicum, plus olives. I wanted to try something more, so also ordered a Chilly Cheese Tomato Toast.

Again, in about ten minutes, the pizza was served, and looked as yummy as the last time. But I found that the crust was a little under-cooked, and the co-owner was more than happy to replace it for me when I pointed it out. In the mean time, my toast was served.

The toast was served in silver foil, and looked quite heavy. And again, trust me when I say this, it was one of the best sandwich I’ve had in Hyderabad. For 30 bucks, it was an awesome deal. It was cheesy, well-toasted, and had a nice flavor. Yum!!

And then came my pizza, this time crispy. It tastes delicious, as good as the last time!!

Overall, an excellent find. Amazing Italian food, easy on the pocket. The ambiance is pretty neat, and the service, if you can call it that, is very good. The owner was around most of the time, was very friendly, and made sure that every customer was satisfied. The desert place next door is also very good.

I now have a new favorite pizza place in town. And guess what, it’s very affordable!!!

Food: 9.5/10
Service: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Meal for 2: Rs. 210/- (Pizza and Pasta)
Meal for 1: Rs. 140 (Pizza and Toast)

Verdict: 9.5/10

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  1. I feel we must connect to exchange notes. You seem to share my passion for(vegetarian) food.
    Most of your reviews seem high on praise,though. Very few really negative comments.
    Keep writing.

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