De Thali | Restaurant Review

Place: De Thali 
Location: White House, Next to Life Style, Begumpet 
Cuisine: Rajasthani, Gujarati 
Meal: Dinner (with bro and cousins)

After visiting De Thali in February, here I was again for dinner on a weekend. As expected, the place was full, and we had to wait for almost 40 minutes to get a table for 5. There was no amiable welcome this time, and we were just directed to our table.

Now here starts the trouble.  Once seated, there was no one to attend to us. I kept asking the waiters to serve food and all they were doing was relegating the message to someone else. More than the wait, it was the waiters attitude which got us really pissed. We were really hungry, it was past 10 and this was really annoying. Even the last time around, there were issues with the service, but this kind of lag is unreasonable. Finally, after more than 15 minutes, the empty thalis were placed on the table.

And then, this was listed menu for the day.

We were really excited about the Aam Panna being served. It was being advertised on the Ohri’s facebook page, and all of us were really looking forward to it. Even the Gobi Thepla’s sounded tempting.

But when it came to the meal, they were out of most of the stuff. Both the sweets were exhausted. We were instead served Kurbani Ka Meetha (at an authentic Rajasthani restaurant) and, I believe, Sooji ka Halwa. On the roti front, only Phulkas were available, no Thepla, no Jawari roti. The special dish was replaced with Masala Bhel. But the best was when Aam Ka Panna was replaced with Jaljeera water. Beat that!!

The standard seemed to have fallen on the taste front as well. The Paneer was hard like rubber, and both the Corn tikki and Dhokla were very very dry. Thankfully, the Dabka Kadi and Bhendi were excellent. Even then, they need to pull up their socks!!

Overall, a disappointing experience. I was, in fact all of us were really looking forward to a great meal, but it wasn’t to be. The waiting got us annoyed, and then the lack of items listed on the menu was irritating. It’s been a little more than 4 months since this place opened, and already this is the state. Ohri’s group, are you listening??

Food: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Meal for 5: Rs. 995/-

Verdict: 6/10

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